So they say! Which is why I finally changed Nordika into another warmer outfit. Now she’s ready to meet whatever storm Christophe decides to send our way !

She’s now in a nice warm fleece and cropped trousers over her thick black tights.

Norrie , a Zwergnase girl, from the 2021 collection does have such beautiful wavy hair. I do find it hard to resist a wavy/curly haired doll. Must stem from having such fine straight hair myself ! but show me a curly headed doll and I’m halfway to buying her…

Luckily most of the other Zwergnase girls are already in nice warm clothing but I’ll need to check on those that may need some additional clothing to keep them warm while storm Christophe rides through…

4 thoughts on “A CHANGE IS AS GOOD AS A REST

  1. Hello Norrie!

    You look very snug in your beautiful new outfit. How long have you been living at The Sasha Village now? Who are your best friends? I wish my hair was curly like yours!

    Do you want to know a secret? He doesn’t know, but I’m in love with Hans. Do you think I should let him know now, or just send him a Valentine’s card and hope he realises it is from me?

    Your friend
    Anne-Elsa xx


    1. Hello Anne-Elsa
      I am very snug in by new clothes. I have been living in the village since late last year, although by zwergnase date is actually 2021 ,
      Oh you have Hans living in your village? he is super cool ! Lucky you !
      I’d be too shy to tell him but a valentines card sounds just perfect, keep him guessing!
      I have to go and see what the snow is doing as it’s Sunday now and the snow is nice and crispy!

      Your good friend


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