Well it is the middle of winter ! Around the United Kingdom snow has been falling on and off over the last week.

Last Sunday we had a couple of inches but it was as good as gone by Tuesday. Today there was a threat of snow but it came to nothing here in North Herts. This part of the UK is lucky in that we don’t very often get the really bad weather especially the snow. The whole of the country has to be really really bad for it to actually be bad here.

But it has been very very cold here especially once any sun goes in.

So cold that cousin Ronnie decided to use his big brother’s balaclava under his own hat !

Even the bowl with water for the birds still had ice inside! But you don’t keep that warm if your hat is really too big !

So Ronnie decided to go back and try again !

That’s better Ronnie, a hat that fits and a nice big scarf !

Goodness! It must be cold sitting on that wall! Best get up Ronnie !

I think it’s time to go inside and warm up with some hot chocolate and a good film , are you coming?

4 thoughts on “CHILLY WEATHER

  1. Hello Cousin Ronnie!
    My, you look cosy in your assorted accessories! How is the rest of the Shoenhut family doing? We know you are very busy and don’t have time to post too often, but we do like to keep up with your doings from time to time.
    Much love,
    Little Denise xxxx


    1. Hello Denise,

      Mum’s taken all the whole Schoenhut family up to her bedroom and is trying to work out just where they can go!
      But there are a small group that have sneaked downstairs and are trying to get in on the action!
      We’ve decided this year is our year!…Just don’t tell mum.

      your good friend


  2. Dorothy in PA

    What a cutie he is. It’s nice that he went inside and had hot chocolate.

    We just got a ton of snow here in the US. Luckily I don’t have to go anywhere.


    1. He is a cute one. Goodness a ton of snbow ! It always sounds fascinating to a person who only ever sees a couple of inches every few years or so. But I can imagine it would be a nightmare to have to deal with or go out in ! Stay inside and keep nice and cosy


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