Well I was not intending to buy any more dolls and especially Zwergnase ones. But I saw this doll turn up on ebay and decided for him I’d break the rule.

He is called Hans Im Gluck and is one of their , Zwergnase , Fairy Tale Collection. These are limited editions and there are only 26 of this lad.

He had already sold out before I returned to the Zwergnase collecting again, so when he appeared I decided to buy him.

I love his wild hair and his clothing especially his green cords.

So now there is a boy in the collection which is good as I had looked at the ones available last year and none appealed .

I did stand him in with a couple of his new sisters but due to just how cold they are saying it will be over the next few nights and although the studio is heated , it’s not as good as it could be, so now he and all his sisters are back in their nice warm bags and piled up indoors until the spring arrives !

6 thoughts on “ANOTHER DOLL SLIPS IN

  1. Aw, you fell for my favourite boy! I’ve never regretted buying him and he is the only one allowed in our bedroom.
    Your lad will enjoy all the female attention. He’s a good natured little chap and the girls will love him. Congratulations!


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