Last year I bought my first Lynne and Michael Roche doll. I had wanted one for a few years but as is the way other dolls got in the basket first.

So when I saw this girl at a fair price , I decided to take the plunge ! She arrives along with another doll from the same seller and I have to confess that apart from a quick look, she remained in her wrapping until last week.

I had decided she could go on ebay and be sold . Her name from the maker is Polly and she has porcelain arms to just above the elbows and a porcelain head, the rest of her is cloth and stuffed with small balls to aid in positioning.

She came in a knitted all in one and the a pair of big knickers you can see in the photo. It’s the stuffed body I am having issues with. It makes her appear to have no neck.

Her all in one is full of holes as she is 26 years old

I have been talking to a good friend , who also owns Lynne & Michael Roche dolls, about her and she told me she was part of a mother and child pairing and is made to sit upon the lap of the bigger dolls. She also suggested dangling her by her ankles to redistribute the filling.

So I have been trying to decide if she should stay or go ! To that end I have been redressing her using some of my other dolls clothes. in the photos above she is wearing a purple Pongratz doll dress.

A Sasha skirt and a smaller doll’s top.

I have to confess I did not even realise her hair was this vibrant red until I started paying her some attention.

This dress is meant for a Kaye Wiggs doll and made by Susan Elizabeth and I’d not actually got round to using it. I think it really suits this doll.

a closer view

She also tried on this Sasha doll cape but it’s a little tight round the neck, but something similar would I think suit her.

and here a Sasha doll shawl by Diane Duke.

So I am still undecided does she stay or does she go? At the moment I’d 60 /40 for her staying….especially seeing her sitting in this dress, she looks much more poseable …….

I will share her sister Emily , who is staying with you next.

2 thoughts on “IS SHE STAYING

  1. Dorothy in PA

    I like her best in the first photo with the purple top. It does bring out her pretty hair.

    I just got a doll also that I am not sure I am going to keep. It’s so interesting that with some dolls there is no bond. I wonder why that is.


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