Emma loves to sit and read to her dolls , today she’s reading Anne of Green Gables, Green is her favourite colour but today she’s wearing purple just for a change.

A closer view of her and her doll. Happy World Book Day .


Emma is an American Child doll by Lynne and Michael Roche, she is made of Porcelain with wooden ball joints which help her pose. She is actually called Emma in the green.

However her green dress is very fragile having been made of vintage fabric’s back in the early 90’s.

This is her in her original clothing, which I have removed, to wash the undergarments and to save the dress.

The back view. I believe the dress is handstitched, so I will make the replacement in the same way. However I plan to use some nice cotton so it will wear better over time.

She is a lovely example of the dolls from the 1880’s on which she is based I believe.

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