This is Emily another of my Lynne and Michael Roche dolls.

Her title is Emily at Christmas and she is number 4 of 6 made for Tridias back in the 1990’s. She is wearing her original clothes which include a nice warm coat with matching hat and red knitted scarf and mittens.

She came in a lovely and quite heavy wooden box, so was well protected and in fact she was hand delivered ! Excellent customer service !

Underneath her coat she wears a lovely floral smocked long sleeved dress to protect her from the winters cold.

A close up of her face.

So Emily ,along with her Lynne and Michael Roche family, need somewhere to wait while a home is found for them,

for the moment she is reading on the window seat.

I will share a few more photos as she is so pretty.

So I’ll leave her reading while I find her a temporary home , I think she’ll be content for a while…

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