If you follow this blog who will know my latest passion is for the doll made by the artists Lynne and Michael Roche. The dolls come in several forms. Those with cloth bodies, porcelain hands/arms and heads, those with porcelain head, arms, hands and also bodies that have wooden ball joints and then finally those with all wooden bodies along with porcelain hands and heads.

I have this photo in the catalogue for the 1993 dolls , which shows several of the same couple of dolls but in various sizes. At present I have a couple of the dolls with the porcelain bodies with the wooden ball joints but I do have on the way to me another couple who are full wooden bodied.

I am looking forward to see how posible the dolls are and will share my findings once she’s arrived and I have had a play with her. It will also be interesting to compare this more ‘modern’ wooden body to the much older Schoenhut doll body.

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