Today another doll by Lynne and Michael Roche arrived . Her name is Mary and she is one of their dolls that has a Porcelain head and hands and the rest of her is on a lime wood body.

She is 18 inches tall and looks much bigger than her sister Emily who is on a porcelain body with wooden ball joints, Emily is only 16 inches but even so looks so much more delicate than her new sister.

One of the things I loved about this doll was her pretty red based outfit. She is from the winter range and is dressed to keep warm with corderoy mittens and hat , lined in the dress fabric which is a lovely bright cheery floral in a brushed cotton.

She also wears a knitted wool waistcoat for added warmth.

Her wig is made with real hair in a dark brown and is lovely and soft, her eyes are blue glass . She is number 37/200 made in 1989.

I beleive she should come with a small bear but that’s been lost over the years, but there are plenty here for her to choose from.

I have a couple more of these dolls arriving over the next few weeks, I am really looking forward to seeing the group together once they are all here.

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