One of my favourite dolls is Clementine from the A Girl For All Time range. She is dressed when you buy her in an outfit from the 1940’s. A time I have always considered to be one of beautiful fashion and style , where anyone rich or poor would look smart and stylish in the clothes of the time.

So Clemmie has mainly stayed in her !940’s outfit with only the occasional adding of a rust coloured jacket. But a couple of weeks back I purchased a beautifu linen outfit in the 1920’s style, another great clothes era.

It could only be for Clemmie, who I think looks lovely in it.

It is beautifully made by Angie of Gwendollys on Etsy. So it appears , Clemmie will be a 1920’s lass for the Spring and Summer and she can return to her beloved 1940’s in the Autumn.

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