The natterer minouche dolls have always come in lovely boxes, like the one shown above for Olga. But due to the amount of dolls I have owned , along with the amount of boxes they have arrived in. When I sold Olga I omitted to add her box to the sale, forgetting that it had been stored away in the loft.

It’s such a lovely sturdy box and this one has it’s other sleeve and also pictured over box, that it would be a shame to break them up and dump them.

The second box is just a Petitcollin pink doll with no doll name on.

So I am offering them to anyone who would like one or both for the cost of postage. It would be too expensive to send them abroad but only about £5 each for another one interested in the UK.

Please leave a comment or visit my sales page on my sashavillage blog for my email and hopefully they can both find a new home… or it’s curtains for them……


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