This is a Petitcollin Charlotte and I just adore her ! She is just so perfect, well to me.

I have wanted her for a while but she was not available here in Uk just in France and I was tempted but I thought no wait, she may come back in stock or failing that I could chose another. But I loved this girls outfit, it was something I’d wear myself and I thought it really suited her, so I waited.

So I went and rechecked KR bears and dolls and there she was back in stock, perfect. She has lovely sunkissed skin and beautifully soft hair.

It’s full of wavy curls and really suits her.

She even has some chic sunglasses, just right for the weather we are having at the moment.

So I am very happy Charlotte is now part of my Natterer family.

2 thoughts on “CHARLOTTE

    1. Thank you. If I love their outfit they are wearing, they tend to stay in them for ages if not longer!
      But I do like to change them now and then if I have something nice for them to wear.


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