I decided to add another Finouche Natterer doll to my natterer family , so picked Alix because she is a red head and I do love the red haired dolls.

She arrived today , so I took her out for a photo shoot.

I also chose her because she has green eyes which I do like on a red head.

Her outfit is a lovely warm party style outfit, with a warm dress with bow and a sweet jacket. Her stockings are full length to the very top of her legs and she wears white cotton all in one underwear.

Her shoes are a bronze metallic to show she’s in her winter party outfit.

For once I actually had a new dress which was just waiting for her to arrive. This sweet roses print dress can fit a Sasha , if you like them long or a Finouche as shown above.I also wonder of wonders found a nice pair of sandals that fit her perfectly !

She will be the last of the bigger Natterers that I buy unless they release one I just cannot resist.

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