Back in February I took this photo of all my Zwergnase dolls and I was very happy with them .

But like most things I started to think, did I really need that many and did I need more than one of any particular sculpt?

So I looked again at the dolls I owned and decided which ones I really loved and wanted to keep and which could be sold on to make some space.

Not being one to hang about once a decisions been made , I sold off seven of the eighteen I owned. At the time they had been put back inot their bags to store while I was sorting things out and there the remaining dolls have stayed apart from Kirsten ( who I just love ) and Augustine , whose bag I didn’t have available.

However since the beginning of the month, well yesterday, I finally started back in my doll studio to finish getting the place sorted.

So I had a move around of some of the shelves and found space for the Zwergnase to come back out of their bags and into a cabinet, where they can be seen and taken out and enjoyed.

Below is a photo of nine of them back where they can look out and see whats happening in their doll world , Augustine still needs to be added and Kirsten will stay indoors where I can see her each day.

Only problem is eleven is an uneven number… so I need buy another one or to sell one…. mmm wonder which way that will go !

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