But of course I did ! There is normally one that escapes a round up for a photo session but this time there were two !

Betsy and Merry who are both Miss Dolly Schoenhut dolls.

Betsy has had a complete repaint of her face and eyes. Whoever did the job was very talented , her eyes are wonderful

she is not in the best of health but is a very sweet doll and likes to keep house for the others. She is very much a waif, with poor hair and loose joints in places but to me she is darling.

Merry on the other hand, is completely original and is also a sleeping eyed Miss Dolly, so she is most happy to settle in bed and close her eyes and sleep. So it’s nice to have a doll who can go off to bed now and then.

She also has a sweet look to her. So they are the two I missed yesterday but apart from Merry and the ones up for adoption , they have now all got a place in a cabinet together.

Most of the dolls need a change of clothes and some need their wigs to finally be fixed on, so they will be out and about again over the coming weeks .

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