Do you believe in fate? I have to say I do and here I will tell you an example of it.

Last week the film The Huntsman, A Winters Tale was showing on TV, I love the film , so we watched it again. While doing so I decided that the next doll I bought I would call Freya, a name I like and which the ice queen in the film was called, I also liked her hair style, which I also thought I’d try on a doll sometime.

I have been selling off a few dolls , so they have been available on my website or on ebay. A friend contacted me about one of the dolls I was selling and we got into a discussion about the doll as she had never owned one before.

It just so happened that I had just seen a doll she had just repaired and renovated and shown the work along with the completed doll on an fb group. I had thought she’d done a wonderful job and thought the doll looked gorgeous.

I mentioned that I loved the large Heubach doll she had just saved and repaired and asked how big it was. It turned out to be 28 inches.

She asked if I’d like to do a part exchange with the doll or that she had another , a Sasha doll , on an fb sale group called FREYA !!

However Freya was a slated eyed Gotz Sasha and I had already been there and done that, so I said I would do an exchange but with the Haubach doll who I would call Freya.

So here is Freya , I have never owned one of this old style dolls before , so this is a first for me and I have started with a big one!

So secondly, a few weeks back I was buying some shoes for my Sasha dolls and wanted a red pair of slipper style, I found a pair , the realised they were for a studio or course doll, a much bigger doll than a sasha. Well somehow I managed to buy the bigger doll pair in error. When they arrived I checked to see if they would fit any of my other dolls but no they were way too big.

Well this week I found them and decided I’d best put them on my blog sale page and sell them on, but kept forgetting to take the photos.

However when Freya arrived she was without any shoes , just in her socks, so I thought I’d try the shoes on her and of course they are a perfect fit!!!

So if that’s not fate !!!

She even had a nice cane chair just waiting for her and a teddy. Now I feel she needs a small table where she can entertain a teddy or two for afternoon tea.


  1. Dorothy in PA

    I definitely believe that dolls find us when they know we are searching for them. I love your stories.

    Freya is so pretty. She looks happy to be home!


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