Ella met her big sister Chloe , whose been tucked away for a while waiting to be found some space to stand .

I love that they have the same face sculpt and looks like a mini me to Chloe.

Due to the rain when I gathered Hannah to join Chloe I omitted to include Ella, so they we have to wait awhile for introductions.

Hannah was the first ever large Gotz doll I bought , she was wearing a black and white checled coat and had her lovely pet dog on a lead. She is old enough that she doen’t have any extra joints at her elbows and knees unlike Chloe who I bought a good few years later. I did own a few of the large dolls but then settled on just keeping these two.

I’m wondering now if Hannah needs a mini me at some stage ……slip slip down that doll slope…..

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