In mid July my doll sales were going quite well , so of course instead of being good, my eyes wandered over to ebay where I saw some lovely Gotz Sylvia Natterer dolls. I did resist for a while , a day or two at most but then I had to make an offer on one of them.

And so it was that Josiane arrived to join my natterer family arriving on 3rd August. She is from 1989 and is 21 inches in height.

I have loved these scuplts for years, so I am so happy to now have her in the family.

I just love everything about this girl, her outfit is wonderful, her tweed skirt in greens and a little purple . her cord waistcoat and black t shirt and long socks. Also a beige cardigan.

She has lovely thick long blonde hair.

She came in her box and with her tags. At present she is standing with some of the taller dolls but hopefully will join the taller Natterer dolls soon.


  1. Woaow, a pure beauty, with extra long hair, I love her! What chance you had to find a Josiane!! I am a big Natterer doll collector too and am searching for one Josiane… but very hard to find! Josiane: a pure marvel!


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