I gathered my Roche dolls together for a group shoot. But first I took a photo of the two Hannah’s .

The big Hannah is 20 inches and has a full lime wood body, the smaller Hannah is 15 inches and is mainly porcelain with wooden ball joints.

I was really pleased that their auburn hair is similar which helps give them a look of sisters together for a photo.

Next is a photo of all the bigger dolls, from the back left Suzannah, Hannah and Claudine , then in front

Freddie and Mary. All have full lime wood bodies ,

The larger dolls are 20 inches, with Mary at around 18 and Freddie 17 inch.

In this one Little Hannah at 16 inches as joined her family group.

A closer look . Unfortunately Mary a Porcelain with wooden ball joints and 15 inch like small Hannah is still waiting to be restrung so she’s missed the group photo this time.

Hopefully she’ll be restrung this weekend and can join in the next photo shoot.

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