nothing comes along for months and then three turn up together !

Back last August/ September, I preordered two Bex dolls and one Nisha from A Girl For All Time, they were expected to arrive in January, February. Which was fine I thought a couple of dolls arriving after Christmas in those winter months when you are recovering from the expense of Christmas.

Yes the Pandemic had been going for a while but we had yet to start the second lockdown ! But of course it was to effect the arrival of the dolls and they were not even put on a boat until around may ?

Then what happens a container ship get stuck across the Suez Canel and everything stops while they try to turn the vessel leading to a massive backup of ships! Finally the ship the dolls were on docked and unloaded and finally in late July the dolls reached the warehouse !

Finally they have arrived here with me !

I was unsure if I even wanted them any more as it had been so long ! I considered keeping the Bex dolls and selling on Nisha.

But I looked a Nisha today in her box and realised I do just love this particular sculpt, so I set about releasing her.

Look at that face ! Whats not to love !

I do love her boots with the dress , very modern look.

So now it will be a few weeks to decide if she stays a modern girl or becomes on of the period girls !

And do I keep both Bex’s as I intended as twins or do I sell one ? and do they stay modern ? or go period ? I saw a Bex in a beautiful Georgian riding habit once and that what drew me to her… so will she/ they be period or modern….. only time will tell….

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