Emily my Lynne and Micahel Roche girl , had stringing problems in that they broke , so she needed restringing. I finally got round to it the other week.

Today , while I had my Sasha dolls clothes box out, she decided she needed to have a rummage and find herself another dress to wear !

First up she tried this beautifully smocked dress by the extremely talented Karen W.

Next she decided to go a little more boho 70’s with this longer floral dress by Francis T.

She then decided that she would like a smocked dress and went back to look at those, trying on another Karen W dress featuring Alice in Wonderland and the mad hatter, very appropriate for a tea party.

She then found a dress by Kathy B which was in a lovely linen.

Finally she found another Karen W smocked dress that she really liked. She’s decided that with her grey eyes and blonde hair, the greens and blues seem to suit her best.

Well of course she’s wearing pink shoes ! So now we have to find some others that fit and suit her new dress !

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