Robyn Winter that is !

Like all collectors, I like to have a range of a collection , so the Lynne and Michael Roches dolls span around forty plus years.

Also they come in various sizes, having started with just a few sizes in the early days to adding some more middle sizes

over the last few years.

Which meant I needed to look at some of the more recent dolls made and issued. I was lucky enough to find Robyn Winter , who stands at 14 inches and was the new size released for sale in 2014 along with her sister Daisy who stands at 12 inches.

She is called Robyn winter because she is wearing the Winter clothing, there is also a Robyn Summer. Only 20 pieces of each doll were made.

She wears under her coat a knitted wool skirt with a pretty liberty print blouse.

She has pretty long wavy blonde hair.

Here is a back view.

and wears her patterned knickers.

Because I will be taking photos and handling her , I have redressed her and will put her original clothes away with her tag etc , safely.

Here she is wearing a smocked dress ,belonging to one of my other doll ranges, the Sasha, along with shoes meant for a baby or toddler doll.

At present she is relaxing in her new home with a book.

She is a lovely addition to my Roche family

I am so happy to have her here .

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