One of the things I love about being a collector of dolls , is it allows me to also follow another passion of mine which is miniature furniture.

Not the dolls house furniture but the furniture in various sizes that will fit several of my different sized dolls.

Recently I needed a photo of a doll sat at a table, with other dolls queuing up, so used my kitchen table.

This is one of the ones I took at the time. After I had put all the dolls away I left the small doll sized table sitting in the middle of the kitchen table because I had an idea for a photo.

Finally today I got round to gathering up some more chairs and getting them done.

The dolls table and chairs are a good match for our kitchen table and chairs .

The little table was a lucky find on Ebay as were some of the chairs.

I will have to keep a look out for a longer table or maybe ask Paul to make me one , I probably have enough chairs to cope with both !

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