I am holding a doll event at the weekend and started to search for some items I wanted to sell, of course while doing so I came across doll props that had been tucked away or needed a little work.

One of the previous themes for my doll event was the fairground and Paul made wm a beautiful carousel, which alas I could not keep complete, due to how big it was for storing. But I did keep the carousel horses intending to get Paul to make some bases for them.

After coming across them tucked away in the old doll studio, I gave them to Paul and he’s fitted some bases to them. One I will keep , another my sister Michelle’s been patiently waiting for and the other two I will hopefully sell this weekend.

Naturally i had to have a little doll play with them to see which dolls they suited. So Robyn , a Lynne and Michael Roche doll climbed on one while her sister Sophy could not decide just which horse to ride!

Robyn wished Sophy would get a move on!

Robyn does love to ride a nice wooden horse !

Once they’d finished and gone inside another couple of the dolls appeared to check the carousel horses out !

This time it was Izzy , a Kaye Wiggs BJD doll and her friend Jane a Dollstown BJD.

Izzy loves the dappled grey horse

Jane likes the Black but also

Try’s out the brown horse .

Seeing the horses set out like this on the round outdoor table, they do still have the look of a carousel ! But I cannot keep all four horses, so just the dapple grey will be staying while the other three will hopefully find new homes.

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