At the weekend it was the doll event I run each year. It’s a great place to find some great props for the dolls along with clothing and shoes etc.

This year for me was a bumper year for the props.

This 1930’s dolls/child’s dinner set of china was a wonderful find. I just love everything miniature, not dolls house size but child/ doll size. I do also like dolls house’s but that’s a different thing. The set consists of six side/dessert plates, the six dinner plates stacked at the back, two oval serving plates , a gravy boat and dish plus a tureen.

It has the most beautiful floral pattern greens with pink, blue and yellow.

The little tureen is just wonderful complete with it’s lid.

I also found and bought from the same seller

Made of metal and heavy, it reminds me of the ones used in my youth and also of the one I had as a child along with the woden ironing board. I will need Paul to make the ironing board but for now I am just loving this iron.

It’s about two and a half inches long, complete with cable and rubber bung fitment .

I also bought some small cutlery.

There was also handmade doll food available to buy I only had time to buy this Gingerbread house but ordered some more once I returned home.

2 thoughts on “TIME FOR TEA

  1. Some wonderful finds here Dee. Who made the gingerbread house? I can just see your boys decorating it and being directed by Hattie, making sure they don’t eat bits!
    The dinner service is great – amazing that the tureen is complete. Lids usually fail to stand the test of time in children’s hands.
    Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thank you. Jane Woodward made the gingerbread House, who makes all the doll food. It’s made from one of those wooden Christmas houses and has been decorated to make it into a gingerbread one.
      So Bertie could have a go at making one.
      I agree the tureen with lid is the icing on the cake for that set.


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