A good few years back I bought this round table and chair set. They are a small doll sized version of ones I used to sit on when I first started school back in 1960. So as soon as I saw them I just had to get them.

Up till now they have sat around waiting for a suitable place for them to be used , I feel they would be perfect for some old teddies and dolls to sit and enjoy.

But today , Wednesday , I got them out to use with some of my other dolls for a small tea party post.

So here we have some of my bigger , 20-21 inch Lynne and Michael Roche dolls, enjoy some cakes and a gossip.

These are the larger of the new to me china plates along with the smaller oval plate, I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised that the bigger plates etc have not looked out of place with the dolls.




Now to find some teddies to invite for tea !

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