The Chiltern Bears decided that it was time they were allowed to sit at the table for a tea party ! It’s all very well going on a picnic but once the colder weather starts who wants to be sitting on the damp cold ground !

Two even changed places and demanded the Christmas Tea Pot be used because they said who knew when they’d be offer tea and cake again!

After all just because they are upstairs bears doesn’t mean they don’t like to come downstairs sometimes !

2 thoughts on “TIME FOR TEDDIES TEA

  1. How do you do, fellow Chilterns?
    Next to gardening, their is nothing I like more than a cosy tea party, even picnics, which we bears are famous for, comes third in my idea of ways to enjoy life….or is it fourth? Picnic, hibernating, hibernating, picnic? Which do I like most of those two? I’m not sure.
    Your cakes look lovely and you are quite right to make sure guardianship of the Christmas teapot is in your paws. Those Sasha boys are a fun bunch, but not as careful over something as sacred as tea party equipment as perhaps they should be.
    Very best wishes,
    Trumble Gardener-Bear


    1. Hello Trumble
      It’s lovely to hear from you old friend.
      We love a good picnic in the garden, especially if dad’s cut the grass !
      We also like to hibernate but only on a full stomach !
      It is true you cannot trust all of the Sasha boys to look after such an important thing
      as a Christmas teapot!
      Keep safe old friend
      The Village Bears x


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