Because I needed to use the Father Christmas and Elf outfits on my Sasha dolls, I quickly stripped off the Roche dolls and left them to one side.

It had always been my intention to take a couple of photos of them in their underwear to show the different body shapes.

Hannah on the far left is the chunkiest of the dolls and also the tallest at 21 inches. She can also be a little hard to stand.

Claudine , next beside Hannah , again is quick chunky but a little slimmer than Hannah, although she is almost the same size.

Next should have been Suzannah but she was determined not to stand and I was working against the failing light, so instead we have Mary who is lovely and slim but with the slight tummy of a young girl and stands at 18 inches.

Suzannah , leaning at the back , is the slimmest and stands at 20 inches.

Suzannah finally joined the line up , so you can see her with her sisters.

This one on her own is Sophy who stands at 18 inches and is a toddler and her body is lovely and rounded just like a very young child.

2 thoughts on “IN THE WOOD

  1. Dee, I’m shocked! Dolly abuse, lining up all those little girls in just their underwear and making them stand in the snow!
    Don’t tell the others, but Mary is my secret favourite. I love brunette dolls.


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