Mary and Suzannah have gone into the village to do some Christmas shopping. The check out all the sweet toys in Granny Fortuna’s shop window.

Suzannah points out the little Japanese dolls , she is sure Hannah would love one for her Christmas gift. Mary agrees while checking out the doll cot that she believes would make a nice gift for both little Hannah and Robyn.

They head towards the door.

Someone just leaving has left the door open for them.

There big sister Claudine is working today, she helps out after school and on Saturdays.

Suzannah cannot decide just where to start her shopping, there are so many nice things !

Mary has started at the Christmas card counter, she needs to get some more for her friends and family. Claudine reminds her who she’s missed out !

I think we will leave them to it, it could be a while before they have finished !


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