Just before the end of the year , and I do mean only just , I decided to offer on a Roche doll that was up for sale. I had been watching her for a while and finally decided it was worth making an offer. Well I’m pleased to say it was accepted and that she’s finally arrived after a wait in customs for her ransom to be paid !

She is a Louisa Winter and stands at 20 inches. She was made in 2001.

With her bright red cheeks , she looks like she’s been outside walking in the cold winter air.

That’s the wonderful thing about the Roche Winter dolls they have lots of extra layers or attachments

Like gloves , scarves and coats etc.

Louisa wears a waistcoat over her sweater and pinafore dress adding that extra layer

Still warmly dressed without her smart waistcoat.

A view from the back

she has lovely golden blonde hair

Her Hat, scarf, gloves,waistcoat and bag along with her tag.

I’m really pleased I have added her to my little Roche family and that she’s finally arrived

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