Due to having another Roche doll arriving, I decided that I needed to try and keep the numbers steady,

so listed a couple of the other Roche dolls to sell. However I don’t keep them in their original clothes, so needed to dress them.

Well that is fatal ! The more time you have to look again at a doll the more things you find as to why you bought them in the first place and so it was with Claudine.

Her sweet face and beautiful aquamarine eyes.

Her original outfit is lovely , a knitted yellow sweater under her pink and yellow edged Pinafore dress that

is filled with circus animal detailing.

A seal balancing a ball.

A couple of elephants

A bear in a ruff and a pretty tiny doll brooch.

So of course after taking these photos of Claudine, I decided that she would have to stay and two of her smaller sisters could go. So Claudine is relieved that she does not have to go to a new home.

Maybe I will finally make her that new outfit I had planned ? Time will tell .

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