Well I should say moving dolls on. How come whenever you want to sell a doll, it looks at it’s best ?

Is it some sort of in built survival sense it has ? it appears to happen almost every time I select a doll for the adoption market, that doll will shine in the photos or standing waiting to be photographed !

I’m trying to bring down the number of dolls I have in certain designs/groups while of course at the same time adding to other groups ! Although I will land up having sold more dolls than I will buy by a big margin, so the aim will be achieved of getting less dolls around and more space.

They even look lovely while waiting around !

Of course what next happens is the battery on the camera runs out, so you have to wait longer to get them listed giving them yet more time to try and win you round to keeping them !

Then they stand so demurely , looking down !

But alas it’s no use , there are too many and someone does have to go !

Well once that camera battery’s powered up and I can download the photos.

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