She arrived in this wonderful box cushioned by the padded square shown below it.

Inside was the lovely little Roche girl Kitty along with her grey cat and a little wooden doll and story book.

Little Kitty is just 11 inches tall and wearing her original outfit along with her cat and her tag.

She has strawberry blonde curly hair and a lovely knitted outfit.

The little book, doll and padded cushion.

She has a lime wood body with porcelain head and hands. She stands well.

Robyn is taking little Kitty under her wing , she loves that she’s now got a little sister,


2 thoughts on “KITTY KAT

    1. Smaller dolls do allow you to have more due to space saving 😉 I like to have a variety of sizes so they can be brothers and sisters or other family members.
      I think she does work well with Robyn as a little sister .


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