For a good few years, I have had a few Meileg pieces.

A friend recently also got into them, which set me, of course, also having another look.

This stove is one of the first pieces I bought, and I used it as a ‘toy’ stove for my Sasha dolls.

The pram and the dolls highchair I have also owned for a few years these also work well with the Sasha dolls and also some others of a similar size.

The little teapot which comes with two cups a plate and a packet of biscuits, also been with me a few years. The pushchair and cart also work well with the dolls.

I have to confess although I have owned this, again for a couple of years, this is the first time I have actually taken it fully out the box!

More recently bought items, last year again all can work with the 16 in Sasha dolls, the lamp actually works!

One of the recent purchases is this little flask set that comes in mint or pink. It is quite small but would work with the Sasha but on the small side.

Shown here with Esme who is a 16/17 inch Roche doll, these dolls have large hands so looks tiny but with another smaller handed doll would look more in keeping. But the Vintage cheese and sausage set are a good size for her.

They are known for their mice, rabbits and also now teddies, recently I decided to add one of their teddies to my hug. While looking I came across a set which included all the bear family with the vintage picnic set of cheeses and sausage in a red and white gingham cloth.

Naturally I decided to get the bear family set. I did not realise until it arrived it comes in it’s own case, a nice plus.

So, there is Mummy bear, baby bear and Daddy bear. I have to say that their names came to me and have stuck ever since! So, they are Daddy Morris, Mummy Doris and Baby Boris!

One of the reasons I originally wanted one of their bears because the baby bear has a smart pair of striped Pj’s, which naturally I bought and

this wonderful old fashioned metal bed! Which of course I added!

What’s not to love about this little bear tucked up in his bed!

This little metal side table arrived in mistake for a box of Meileg food! The food is now on it’s way and the seller very kindly said to keep the little table. At first I wondered how I could use it because it is mice sized but then I realised it would make a perfect bedside table!

Now Boris has somewhere to keep his glass of milk and his book.

Boris is going to need a space for his bed and table, so that’s another thing to try and find! But he is so sweet I just have to find him a bedroom.

I am waiting on the missing food and a couple of other pieces which I will share when they arrive, I will also take some photos of everything with various sized dolls for reference.

I must say that the sizes are all over the place, so you need to check before buying anything of you want it for a certain sized doll. It’s because their animals come in lots of sizes.

2 thoughts on “IN PRAISE OF MEILEG

  1. trumblesmum

    I have some of the Meileg things from the earlier days. The pram for my Sasha toddler, Angelina, the cooker and the ironing board etc. But I haven’t seen the more recent things before.

    Boris is so cute! I’m going to look for the flask set for Mum’s birthday to go with her childhood flapper girl, which I am redressing, very slowly.It could be from the 1920s/30s and any time up to today, so would suit her fine.

    Thank you for the reminder of this brilliant make of toys!
    Jenni x


    1. I think the pink flask would look good for your mum’s flapper girl gift.
      Actually, you say about the Ironing board, I think my ironing board is also Meileg!
      I am loving their new pieces and have gone wandering down a mouse hole!! lol


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