Esme and her friend Lilac the rabbit, are having some alone time in the garden.

She loves all her sisters and cousins but sometimes it’s nice just to sit out in a corner of the garden and chill with a friend sharing some food.

Luckily, they found the picnic table empty so were able to sit there and not have to find some space on the grass, which due to the recent hot dry weather is more brown than green.

Esme brought along a little flask, so that Lilac and she could have a few sips of juice to keep them going.

Soon they are nibbling on cheese and chewing on sausage, while setting their world to rights. There is nothing quite so nice as breaking bread with a good friend.

2 thoughts on “PICNIC WITH A FRIEND

  1. trumblesmum

    Picnicking is out of the question here as it has poured with rain for three days, so it is lovely to see Esme and her little friend enjoying theres. Same is such a beautiful girl, one of my all-time favourite Roche girls!


    1. We could do with three days of rain! I’m sure I would moan if it happened for that long but really the garden is so dry the plants that usually are fine are slowly dying!
      Esme is a sweet Roche girl 🙂


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