This beautiful Gotz Svenja arrived today.

She does have the most beautiful blue eyes and with her rounded face reminds me of my granddaughter Clara.

She is a gift from a lovely friend, who having bought her only recently decided that she did not like the new leg joints. Knowing I had wanted one of these face sculpts, she very kindly said she was going to send this girl to me as a gift.

Her grandson had taken a shine to the dog on his lead, so he kept the dog, and I got the doll.

My friend would not accept any payment for this valuable doll, and I am the sort of person who is not comfortable taking such a generous gift. Luckily, I have a couple of smaller dolls that she collects, and I will send them to her for her collection.

I am delighted to finally have this girl to join my other Gotz girls and it will stop me having to look for one.

So, feeling very spoilt I’m off to admire Svenja.

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