And rattling round the house! During the weekend one of my spring plans settled into my mind and on Sunday I started putting it inot action.

It involved moving furniture, which anyone in the family will tell you is not unusual, the husband always dismisses the first mention of the plan, but when it’s time to get it done is with the programme.

So first we had to move the Lloyd Loom wicker sofa back outside now that the worse of the winter weather was over, that then allowed us to move the indoor sofa from one wall to another. This had the knock on effect of having to remove the mirror that was above the indoor sofa and some pictures from both walls. The mirror was placed above the wall where the indoor sofa is now located and one of the pcitures in that area was put back.

This meant that the biggest of the glass display cabinets that was in my doll studio could be brought back into the house and put against the wall where the sofa used to be.

When the cabinet was in the studio, it had the big doll dresser on the top shelf and several other furniture items stored around and in front of it. I’m only 5ft 2, so this meant it was really too high for me. The middle shelf housed dolls and the bottom the bigger dolls. The three glass shelves that come with the cabinet were not used. However I found that the dresser would fit perfectly beyween the two fixed wooden shelves.

This meant I could put one glass shelf in and still have enough height to stand the Sasha and Gregor dolls I own above, leaving a small area for small dolls and small bears etc. I would still have the bottom area for the bigger taller dolls to stand.

It also means that I can use this area to take photos of the dolls, shown here with one of my Roche dolls, Mary sitting with a cup.

Or as shown here four of my AGFAT dolls dressed as the Bennett sister’s.

By bring this cabinet in, it meant that a small Victorian bookcase, with glass doors, that I had been keeping all the Sasha and Gregor dolls in could go inot the studio, therefore finally no longer being stood in front of one of the long windows by the french doors in the kitchen area. I had intended to put the AGFAT dolls in that cabinet but once I stood them with the dresser and left them a while I decided I wanted them to also be kept in this cabinet.

At this moment they are all standing in this area but I will move some onto the other shelves, because I still have a couple of Roche dolls that need to go on this shelf.

One of the Sasha’s needs restringing, so she’s sitting at present and there are a few that are not in place as I will be using them in a storyline soon.

the small shelf needs to be moved around , so the little Ten Ping doll is not where any sun could get to her, plus the roche boy Theo will go on shelf below along with Bruno the Pongratz boy either top shelf or bottom, opening up space for the small bears etc.

This bottom shelf is housing the Zwergnase, Sylvia Natterer, Gotz Happy Kidz and a Kathe Kruse or two, it will be a squeeze to get more dolls in, so whether some will find themselves on the adoption list, only time ans space will tell! Or some could go into the studio cupboard while plans are made.

So here is the cabinet as it stands tonight. I am really loving being able to see all the dolls whenever I pass by which is often as it’s near the fench doors and on the way to the kitchen. I still have the small bookcase to move into place between this cabinet and my desk.

I’ll share that tomorrow once it’s done.


2 thoughts on “SPRING IS IN THE AIR

  1. Hi Dee and dolls!
    You certainly have been proactive Dee! How great to have so many of your kids back where you can see them. I think a small person in a red sweater, standing beside his dog most needs to be where his Mum can see him. You just never know with those toddlers do you?
    Congratulations on a successful furniture shuff!e and a belated hope you had a happy Mothering Sunday.
    Jenni xx


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