Yes another one! But there is a tale to this Zwergnase lass.


Back in late April/ early May there was a preorder available on a doll I’d always so of dithered over. I dithered again for a few weeks until finally I preordered her.


She was not due until August but she was all paid for. Then I rediscovered my liking for the Zwergnase dolls, which were also being sold by the compnay I’d preordered the doll with.

So I thought about the doll on order and realised I didn’t really need her , she’d probably land up in a box waiting for Clara, my granddaughter to be old enough to play with her.

So I contacted the company and aksed if I could cancel that order and use the money to buy one of their Zwergnase dolls. Well it appears I had just made my request in time, as the other doll had arrived early and would be shipped out the following week.

Luckily they were more than happy to cancel the order and refund me, so then I bought Betje.


Her little ponytails were all over the place, so I landed up removing them while I was out taking the photos of her on a very windy day!


It was a choice between her and her same sculpted sister Tjada whose a red head but I just loved this outfit and as it turned out Tjada was unavailable at that time with that company , so I had some help with the decision.

She is a 55cm and scuplt no 31


I’ll redo her ponytails to help with keep her hair in control later but for now she’s settling in and meeting her many new sisters!!!





When I rediscovered by liking for the Zwergnase dolls, it was this lass that caught my eye.


Reesa, a 50 cm girl with rooted red hair. i looked at her time and again but when I decided to collect Zwergnase once again it was not her but Ann-Marie that I bought.


One of the things that held me back is the fact that she is rooted and not wigged. Unfortunately the rooting on these dolls can be a little thin especially at the front.


Plenty of lovely hair at the back.


But finally after passing her by so many times, I decided to deal with that fact she’d probably be a little thin at the front.

The thing to do is keep the hair a little windswept so it’s not quite so obvious and or find out just what type of hat suits her! lol

Or I could try and find some matching colour hair and give her a top up ! But for now, she’s settling in and we’ll see which if any ‘root’ we take!



The British company A Girl For All Time which was formed around five or so years back.

Makes dolls based on historical times in English history. Victorian, medieval, the forties, the sixties and the elizabethan along with a range of modern girls and one boy.

It’s a small company that did a bit of group funding to get some of the dolls into production in the early days.

In the start I bought a Matilda, the Medieval girl and then a second one, I do love the Medieval period of our history. Then in time I bought Lydia the Georgian girl, another period I love and finally Clementine a forties lass. Just love those forties clothes.

Today a new preorder for the Elizabethan girl Elinor came out, so I place my order, yes that’s correct another period of English history I love.

Talking to a friend about these dolls, I was asked if I had a group photo? Well I did not! so I gathered them all up from their various places and took them outside for a quick photoshoot!


Matilda, Clemmie, Lydia and Matty. Matilda and Clemmie are in their original outfits they arrived in, Lydia is wearing one of her several outfits she owns and Matty is in a modern dress.


Another period of English history I love is Regency and I have always planned, when time allows, to dress them all in that period, just like the Bennet sisters from Pride and Prejudice.




Well this time I have no excuse ! The Zwergnase company have brought out a new sized doll, 45cm. For years there were just two sizes 50 cm and 35cm.

Then a few years ago they added the larger 55cm dolls and then this year they added the 45cm. So of course I wanted to add one of these new sized girls to my new Zwergnase family but which one!

There are two sculpts to chose from sculpt 32 and sculpt 33. The first one I saw and liked was Rixte whose shares her face sculpt with Wina but I was also drawn to Griet a sculpt 32.

So finally I went with my first seen which was Rixte but that was only after trying to decide between her and Wina! Then it was the case of finding where she was alvailable.

Luckily for me I found one, so here she is.



I’m calling her Trixie, I love how they have styled her hair in these four scatty pigtails.


she’s got such a cute expression.


and I love her outfit. There is a lesson in all this , how you present a doll will sell it.


and she fits in Sasha clothing!!! Result !


The three sizes together, Ann-Marie, Trixie and Miriam.


I think they make a nice group. Well no more Zwergnase for a while..what will I do with myself… lol




Well there I was minding my own business just looking at the different doll sites when who should appear but Miriam! Mmm I thought, do I walk on by or do I buy her while she’s available?

Because she’s a doll from 2018 she is not readily available which means she’s a special order and Zwergnase are not known for their speed in suppling the older dolls. It’s fine if you just happen to hit on one they have in the works but if not the wait can be a good while!


So I looked at the doll sales and of course bought her now, rather than have to order her and wait who knows how long!


I have to say I’m loving this girl. Her floral hat band and blouse are in  deeper colours, than her original stock photo but a beautiful fabric all the same.


So she arrived today and I am smitten.


We had a photo shoot in the cloisters and Casper came along too and was very good when I told him to sit back and stay  he did! In fact I’d stand with my feet either side of him to take this photo !


So another Zwergnase ticked off my wish list.






I cleared off a shelf in the doll cabinet and removed it, cleared the one below and then there was enough height and space for the zwergnase girls to have a place of their own.


Well almost as the Blythe girls refused to move saying they were there first, which they were on the upper shelf which was removed ! But they moved their sofa back in and are claiming their rights! Even if they are surrounded by giants they have no fears!





Late yesterday evening I thought I’d gather the girls together for a group photo. Paul had watered the plants , so I used the other side of the patio table only to discover the sun was just in the wrong spot!



So it was round to the other side of the table and moving of plants and bits and bibs, I took a back photo while I worked.


Then lined up again this is what we got , this made me think of the film close encounters of the third kind! when the space ship opens it’s doors.


a bit too sunny this one, but at least poor Alice on the end is not almost lost in shadow.


So we have the 55cm girls, Catriona ( Sofina sculpt 21) and Ruth ( Wentje sculpt 27 ) looking nice in that setting sunlight.


Then we have Ann-Marie and Feena, their maker names which they are keeping, they are the same sculpt 26 and 50cm.


Then we have Alice ( Verena  sculpt 16    ) and Augustine ( Her maker name sculpt 19 ) alas poor Alice still did not get out of the shadow!

So poor Augustine who had no sooner arrived than her Zwergnase brothers and sisters vanished, is now once again part of a growing family.




Catriona and Ruth are my biggest Zwergnase at 55cm.


Catriona on the left is sculpt 21 and Ruth is Sculpt 27.


What I like about these dolls is that they have such a range of expressions and just by changing the colour and style of their wig, eyes or clothes, they can look different.


Also their expression can change by how you tilt or move their heads.




Well that slope is still quite slippery and due to that another Zwergnase arrived today to join her new family.


She is called Sofina by the company but I prefer Catriona, I feel the red heads have a celtic feel to them and can see them out roaming the heather covered hills in the sweaters and tweed clothing at one with the elements.



I do like this sculpted and wanted to recieve her while I consider whether to order her sister Miriam, who I really like.

Miriam I loved when she first came out a few years back but it was just as I decided to downsize my zwergnase dolls. So now I’m back I’m trying to decide if she’s one I want.

It is interesting how these dolls can look different with just a wig and a different set of clothes.

slip slip slipppppp






This is Ruth ( Wentje is her maker name ) she is one of the bigger 55cm dolls made by Zwerganse.


You can see by comparing her with Alice , that she is bigger all over.


I love the way her hair is comng loose and curls are dropping around her shoulders.


Her hair is plaited and pinned neatly to her head while she goes about her day.


She is dressed for winter , so feeling a little warm in this summer weather. But she says she’s fine and May’s not quite out yet!