” So you say we have to sit about waiting for mum to have time to play with us? ”

“That’s it in a nutshell” confirms Dorrie.


” So that’s why we’ve been sat here for ages.. waiting!”

“Yes but she does see us when she goes by and wants to play with us but she works”


” Work? ”

” Yes work, she goes out almost every morning early and doesn’t come back to much later and then she’s got things to do in the house and then she sits down.. and forgets she meant to play”

” Oh that’s sad ” says Phoebe ” maybe she could not work? ”

Dorrie smiled ” Well I said that once and she replied but Dorrie how would I be able to get you clothes and shoes and toys and also friends to come play with you!”


“But she did say one day she’ll give up this working lark and come play everyday! ”

Phoebe thinks awhile and then says ” Well that sounds promising ? ”

“it does ” Dorrie agrees ” It does ”






Today I received another BJD doll to add to my small group. She’s by Doll Town and I bought her from a good friend.

I love that these dolls have ball joints , so you can pose them in a realistic manner. I am calling this girl Phoebe.


This face sculpt is called Seola, which does have a sad look to it but I do like how this makes her appear when posed differently.


I love her wig, which was made by my friend as was her dress. Which give her that little girl look.


I took Phoebe out into the garden as for once it was dry although quite windy.


Phoebe stayed a while sitting in the window of the folly deep in thought!


Even the breeze did not take her from her thoughts


I wonder what she’s thinking about?


Could be wondering what her new friends and family will be like?


I’m sure she’ll have nothing to worry about, we’re a friendly bunch in this village.


So Phoebe are you going to come inside and meet a few of your new family members?


Come on Phoebe ,it’s always worse thinking about than actually doing it ! Let’s go inside and say hello to the others.







Mum why don’t you give up !
My lips are turning BLUE
I know it’s supposed to be Spring
But the weather’s not with you!

We’ve wandered round this garden
Trying to find a place
That’s just undercover
rain not dripping on my face!

Now I’m on a pile of bricks
the wind is something fierce
My wig will fly off into space
the bitter cold does pierce

So just give up!
Lets go inside and get a cup of tea
No ! that’s not a woodpecker
It’s the knocking of my knees!

My dress it’s BLUE
as are my Shoes
My lips ,my hands, my feet !
I just hope all this is worth that promised treat !

So come on mum just give up!
there is another day tomorrow
I’ll put on a coat, a hat and boots
and thermal underwear, any thing I promise just let me off this chair!




Trying to find a space between showers or heavy downpours to take these photos was a nightmare! We’ve had rain almost constant everyday for a couple of weeks! It’s supposed to be spring but it certainly does not feel like it with the rain and the bitter cold.



I tried a couple of places, trying to keep out the rain.



Balancing on the ledge of the Lych gate was a first try.



It was hard to get a good shot with all the things being stored under the roof waiting to be put back outside once Spring arrives…. properly !



So here’s hoping for some decent warm and dry weather in the very near future.




I’m in the process of selling a few dolls to fund a log cabin to use has my doll studio but alas that does not seem to stop me buying a doll that tugs my heart.

So I had no intention of buying any dolls at this time but this girl a limited edition Zwergnase doll came up on a buy it now.

I loved everything about this girl a first, second and third sight and I just adore her name which of course she’ll keep.

She arrived today and even though a few very very tiny snowflakes were trying to fall she agreed to go outside for a couple of photos.



It was bitterly cold today but luckily she’s got a lovely warm coat and hat.


Her name is Augustine, such a pretty name for a very pretty girl.


Her outfit is very smart.


It was too cold to take off her coat, so we’ll have to share the rest of her outfit another day.







If I was a Plant

my stem would be green

my roots in this pot

would never be seen.

But I’m just a girl

face in the sun

wondering if spring

has just sprung!

But no it’s still Feb

so nothing in this bed

Winters still here

it’s getting colder I fear

But spring will arrive

green things will thrive

This pot will be full

no room for me at all




Out in the road

snowdrops do blossom

in amidst bracken Ivy and


cuttings from where the tractor


cut back the bushes , hacked them I feared

But although this is brutal

nasty to see

The bushes will flourish

you must trust me

So all this green you see around

with snowdrops peeping

above the ground

now bask in the sunshine

on sunny days

Spring will be coming hip Hip Hooray !








Yesterday this lovely lad arrived to join my Wichtel family. His official name is Michal but he’ll be known here as Gaku.


I have wanted one with his face sculpt for a couple of years plus the warmer skin tone.

I managed to get  a girl Juno with this face sculpt but a paler skin, so was over the moon when I came across this lad.


Here his new big sister Colette greets him and tells him about all the fun times he is going to have now he’s out of his box and home.



Gaku’s never seen such a happy doll before !


And it’s nice to have a big sister and especially a happy one!


Colette is so excited that Gaku gets a little shy ! But she tells him that it’s time to meet all his new sister and especially his new brother whose been waiting for a brother for ages!









In the garden dressed in yellow
Ashley looks for Spring
It’s still Midwinter she is told
you’d best just hurry in!

But Ashley stays outside this day
the sun is shining bright
who know how much more we’ll get
for soon it will be night

So stays she does in the sun
and fresh air does she breathe
on days like this it’s hard to care
and even harder to leave



some of the other photos I took for the challenge


hood up



close up hood down


close up hood up


My model was Ashley , a Sasha no navel girl.






Orange the second colour in the rainbow challenge.



Orange a colour

we don’t really do

Not our cup of tea

between me and you!

So doing this photo

it was such a trial

until we saw tick tacks

and flowers that smile

So here we have boxes

orange in colour

and blooms oh so bright

to give to your mother

So we are just thankful

that we met the brief

finding these items

was such a relief!






I’m behind on sharing my challenge photos for the rest of the alphabet and we have now for this year started on colours of the rainbow.

So I’ll try and keep up with these ones and will share the other missing alphabet ones when I have time to put them on here.

So here is my RED.



Sitting on my new RED bench

Joan of Arc is peeping!

She’s after looking at my shoes

to see if their in keeping

With this theme which must be seen

to show the colour RED

Thank goodness she is made of stone,

so can’t follow me to bed!



Well I finally got round to changing four of the Wichtel girls into some new overalls I bought from A Passion for Sasha before Christmas.


So today although quite windy we went outside for a small photo shoot!



Ginny was selling them with different coloured t shirts but although lovely , they were slightly darker than I like, so I bought four in other colours trying to link them with colours in the cats.


Ginny helped find just the right yellow to match the cats in the set Jana’s wearing on the left!


I need to find the spare shoes I have to see if any would make a better match !


The girls were very brave standing on the raised shelf out in the wind!


It was quite sunny at times.


The girls are looking sweet in their new togs. So now they are off to play with their Christmas toys.