I purchased another Kidz n Cats girl from a seller on ebay and she contacted me to say she was selling a Robert, one of the newer Kidz dolls. I had bought one when they first came out but could not deal with the darker strange vinyl used for these new dolls so I sold him on quite quickly.

So I thanked her for letting me know and then remembered my sister might be interested so told her and she bought him. The seller then came back to me a couple of days later to tell me she was selling a Laura, unclothed on ebay. Again I had owned a Laura a few years back but could not gel with her, she looked to much like my Jakob.

However I decided to take a chance and buy this girl and hope that she’d not have this later vinyl as she was a very good price.

Well I am pleased to say that she is Gorgeous and not this latest vinyl but although not the first paler vinyl, she does have a nice colour to her without being shiny.



Her hair is an unusual colour for a Laura , they are usually very dark brown almost black but this girl’s got a beautiful caramel brown wig which is lovely.



She came undressed but I had bought this knitted outfit from ebay which suits her just fine for the winter. She’s wearing red tights from my doll best friend website and boots from the kidz n cats winter white ‘fur’ coat set.


A back view of her lovely hair.


It’s lovely when you take a chance and it works out. I could not be more pleased

with this girl, who I have named Charlotte, Lottie for short.



So that’s another of the Kidz dolls introduced, there are still a few more to go.