I was supposed to be having a rest from doll purchases, apart from those already on their way but I was watching this lass on Ebay and just loved her look, so in the end I caved and bid on her.

I am pleased to say no one else took a fancy so she came to me for the maiden bid.


She is called YLVA and is number 53 of 125 and was made back in 2006. She is around

fifteen inches tall.



I just could not resist her red hair and blue eyes and that pouty face!


She came in her box and she is part Vinyl and part soft bodied.


Here she is without her hat, showing her lovely red mohair wig.


She came with her bear which some of the limited dolls do come with.



Love her in these blue clothes that bring out the blue of her eyes and offset her red wavy hair.



I’m so glad I decided to bid.


A great new addition to my Zwergnase collection.




Know I have looked at these dolls for a few years but never been 100% sure if I would actually like one. Some pull such moody faces would I want to live with a doll that’s like a disgruntled pre teen ! Been there done that, got the certificate! But still I was drawn to one or two of them.

Then my friend Jenni who is a big fan began to encourage me that maybe one would be worth a look.

Well I saw one I was very taken with and one I also liked the look of. Still trying to make up my mind, the carrot was waved before my eye’s of a limited time drop in price! I did resist for a while but then caved and bought the second of the two dolls I liked.


This is Lenka a junior Zwergnase doll.



A closer look. I love her red hair and green eyes.

But then the discount appeared again , so this time I bought the doll I’d been watching for quite a while.


This is Katja a junior doll.



Her lovely auburn hair is pulled up into two bunches that sit at the back.I love her outfit also.

Well Next I added another doll that was discounted for a few days. She has a different face sculpt to the first two.



This is Neke another junior doll.


Her long blonde hair is in bunches and she’s got lovely blue eyes and a quizzical expression.

Another girl arrived after a few more months this girl is from the earlier range and has a wig instead of rooted hair like the first three.



This is Viatrix another junior doll from 2003



Viatrix as the same face sculpt as Neke.

So here are the girls together for a group photo.



Well there are a couple of others I like and I would quite like a boy. Recently someone decided to sell a smaller one of these dolls, so I could not resist adding him to the group.


This is Lennert, a 35cm junior doll.


another little red haired , green eyed charmer. He came along with a lovely little dress set with hat and socks, for a girl…… well I cannot let them go to waste… now can I?