Today I received another of the Wichtel dolls. But this girl is different in that she is an original doll made and finished by the artist Rosemarie Muller.

Her given name is Ludivine but she’ll be known here as Lulu, less of a mouthful!.


When I saw her come up for sale I could not resist that cheeky smile and those gorgeous purple clothes!.


He sweet little teeth peeking out .



She was soon outside in the garden playing with her new brother and sisters.


“Come on Lulu ! Follow us up this steep hill!” calls Mona at the front.



That was a steep climb! Mona says to the others.




“Where shall we go now? ” ask Ulli


That sets off a big discussion of where to play next… I think we’ll leave them there as It will be a while for them to all agree!






This year Zwergnase have made some new face sculpts available. Which is lovely for those who may have all the other face sculpts or for those who’d like something different.

One of the new sculpts is Azalea , Violet also has the same new face but with lots of brunette wavy hair. Well are watched these girls for a while but managed to resist until there was talk of Azalea’s hair colour/wig being changed to a darker red. So that made me have to decide did I want the Azalea with the strawberry blonde wig or should I wait and buy one with the new deeper red wig?

Well below is the decision…


Yes I jumped in quick and bought the Strawberry blonde wigged Azalea, who I have to say is so cute.



I do love this new face sculpt and I am tempted to buy Violet to be her twin ! Violet’s face is the same but with her brunette wavy wig I think could make a good twin to Azalea here.



She’s a happy girl and more than willing to stand about having her photo taken.



I am very taken with her, so she could well land up with an almost identical twin sister.


She takes a great photo 🙂


and can see her becoming a firm favourite of these quirky dolls.