I decided to add another Finouche Natterer doll to my natterer family , so picked Alix because she is a red head and I do love the red haired dolls.

She arrived today , so I took her out for a photo shoot.

I also chose her because she has green eyes which I do like on a red head.

Her outfit is a lovely warm party style outfit, with a warm dress with bow and a sweet jacket. Her stockings are full length to the very top of her legs and she wears white cotton all in one underwear.

Her shoes are a bronze metallic to show she’s in her winter party outfit.

For once I actually had a new dress which was just waiting for her to arrive. This sweet roses print dress can fit a Sasha , if you like them long or a Finouche as shown above.I also wonder of wonders found a nice pair of sandals that fit her perfectly !

She will be the last of the bigger Natterers that I buy unless they release one I just cannot resist.


The weather today is HOT! When Mary asked her sisters if they wanted to go out for a walk and maybe call in to the tea room gardens for a drink… every one of them said… thanks !

She did not walk very far , if truth be told only as far as the Tea room gardens !

She found the perfect spot at a picnic table.

Where she was soon cooling down with a big glass of lemon juice , with ice of course!

It was lovely and quiet, not many people around due to the heat.

We’ll leave her to enjoy her cool drink and the quiet of the village and hope that next time some of her sisters or friends may join her.


This is a Petitcollin Charlotte and I just adore her ! She is just so perfect, well to me.

I have wanted her for a while but she was not available here in Uk just in France and I was tempted but I thought no wait, she may come back in stock or failing that I could chose another. But I loved this girls outfit, it was something I’d wear myself and I thought it really suited her, so I waited.

So I went and rechecked KR bears and dolls and there she was back in stock, perfect. She has lovely sunkissed skin and beautifully soft hair.

It’s full of wavy curls and really suits her.

She even has some chic sunglasses, just right for the weather we are having at the moment.

So I am very happy Charlotte is now part of my Natterer family.


The natterer minouche dolls have always come in lovely boxes, like the one shown above for Olga. But due to the amount of dolls I have owned , along with the amount of boxes they have arrived in. When I sold Olga I omitted to add her box to the sale, forgetting that it had been stored away in the loft.

It’s such a lovely sturdy box and this one has it’s other sleeve and also pictured over box, that it would be a shame to break them up and dump them.

The second box is just a Petitcollin pink doll with no doll name on.

So I am offering them to anyone who would like one or both for the cost of postage. It would be too expensive to send them abroad but only about £5 each for another one interested in the UK.

Please leave a comment or visit my sales page on my sashavillage blog for my email and hopefully they can both find a new home… or it’s curtains for them……