I’m in the process of selling a few dolls to fund a log cabin to use has my doll studio but alas that does not seem to stop me buying a doll that tugs my heart.

So I had no intention of buying any dolls at this time but this girl a limited edition Zwergnase doll came up on a buy it now.

I loved everything about this girl a first, second and third sight and I just adore her name which of course she’ll keep.

She arrived today and even though a few very very tiny snowflakes were trying to fall she agreed to go outside for a couple of photos.



It was bitterly cold today but luckily she’s got a lovely warm coat and hat.


Her name is Augustine, such a pretty name for a very pretty girl.


Her outfit is very smart.


It was too cold to take off her coat, so we’ll have to share the rest of her outfit another day.







If I was a Plant

my stem would be green

my roots in this pot

would never be seen.

But I’m just a girl

face in the sun

wondering if spring

has just sprung!

But no it’s still Feb

so nothing in this bed

Winters still here

it’s getting colder I fear

But spring will arrive

green things will thrive

This pot will be full

no room for me at all




Out in the road

snowdrops do blossom

in amidst bracken Ivy and


cuttings from where the tractor


cut back the bushes , hacked them I feared

But although this is brutal

nasty to see

The bushes will flourish

you must trust me

So all this green you see around

with snowdrops peeping

above the ground

now bask in the sunshine

on sunny days

Spring will be coming hip Hip Hooray !