A friend asked if an outfit I am selling would suit Lindy as she also as a Lindy of her own.


So with the bribe of the brown shoes , my Lindy agreed reluctantly to put the outfit on.


I thought It suited her with her lovely big blue eyes! She asked how much longer did she have to suffer !


Five more minutes I say.. too long says she.. three tops!


Then she’s sitting down and asking me to untie her shoes now.. please !

Well I suppose I have enough photos for my friend…..




This is Lindy who arrived back in July  she is by Linda Macario and her actual name is Linda. I didn’t know this when I settle d on the name Lindy for her !

I dressed her in the first dress available which was new but today I finally found some time to change her.


She appears to be a bit of a Tom boy at heart, she didn’t want to wear these shoes, she wanted some plain brown lace ups!


I’m hoping she’ll let me pretty her up later but it could be a battle! I could her trying to cut the ribbon off the green shoes!


She’s waiting to have some brown glass eyes because the blue are a little too bright.

I’m looking forward to seeing how she grows as she settles in!