A couple of months back I saw this little Lady come up for sale and although I thought I’d finished my Schoenhut family I could not resist adding her to the fold.

So I agreed a three month layaway which finished earlier this month and so she finally arrived this week.


I am so pleased I gave in and bought her. She is one of their carved hair dolls and she has a sweet blue ribbon painted into her hair.


Her face I believe has been touched up but nicely done but her hair is worn from all the play she enjoyed .



This is that back of her head showing the carved ribbon with bow still there. I may make her a really one to slip over this one.Here you can also see more of her hair carving.


As luck would have it, I already had this dress by Wendy F, sitting in my new and unused clothing box. It fits her perfectly although made for a Sasha doll, she’s only fourteen inches tall. The tights are also for Sasha as is the cardigan that I bought from Janet W.

Usually clothes can be found if maybe a little bigger or smaller than required but these all find as if made for her! and it’s usually shoes that are the hardest thing but she fits into the baby Sasha shoes so a nice result all round.

I was going to call her Daisy after one of my grandmothers sisters but she insisted her name was Nancy, so Nancy she is!

She is the sweetest little doll and a great addition to my Schoenhut family.