The table is set, who will come to tea?


Well It’s Evelyn My 20 inch Schoenhut girl.


and  she’s joined by Ivy, my 18 inch Schoenhut girl.


I notice Evelyn is the first to take over the tea pot ! I think these dolls are the prefect size for this tea set, which is what I thought when I first saw it.


Ivy who is a very busy midwife, not even had time to change !


I think we’ll leave Evelyn and Ivy to have their tea as I am sure Ivy will probably have to dash off at some stage to deliver a baby !

I hope you enjoyed these photos. I am still using my ipad but am about to get my new camera, so will take some more soon.







So who is up next to try out the new doll tea set?



It’s my Kids n Cats doll Grace.


and she is joined by Harry , a small bear of the Inca’s whose lived with me for about fifteen years.


I think that the tea set looks the right size for the kidz n cats dolls which are 18 inches with bendable arms and legs.


Harry who was found wandering the halls of Alexandra Palace one bright November day where I was attending a doll and Teddy bear show. We got along so well he decided to come along home with me.


Looks like Grace as finished her tea, so time to see whose coming to tea next?




Today I finally got to play with my new dolls tea set. When I saw it I thought it would be prefect for my larger dolls, then worried that it would be too big but was delighted when it arrived to find it was just a beautiful set and small enough to go well with the larger dolls here in the village.


The table is set with a pretty cloth and the tea set ready to see which of the dolls in the village suit this size tea set.



A closer view of the tea set.



First to come for tea are Elfine and Faith These are my 18 inch Kaye Wiggs dolls, I think the set suits them well.



I just love this photo of Elfine sitting holding her cup.


Faith looks a little worried ! Is it because she’s sitting down with an Elf princess?



Thankfully Elfine is on her best behaviour and talks nicely with ?

Who was up next to have tea?


NB I cannot for the life of me remember my brunette girls name, so have called her faith until I find out!



Well I just had to add this Waldorf lad to my family group. I watched him for a couple of weeks then took the plunge and bought him.


Unfortunately the camera is not yet back from repair , so these photos have been taken with the ipad but late in the evening, so not as sharp and crisp as I would like. I will take more once the camera returns and his sisters can join him.



I decided to call him Leo as I already had a doll with his name ( Lucas) and I think Leo suits him better.



I love his hair and sweet face.

I’ll post again soon but wanted to share him with you all now .




For a long time I have loved the dolls made by Xenia and often watched them on Ebay but they are quite expensive when you factor in import duty from the US.

But a very good friend of mine decided last year to sell her doll and very kindly offered me first refusal knowing just how much I loved them.

and that is how this beautiful doll came to live in the village.


She came with a beautiful red wool coat with matching hat.


with a nice pair of black shoes.



She wears her pretty summer dress and blouse and long pants.



I will make her a new outfit ,so another one on the ever increasing list! I have given her the name Jane and will look forward to including her in future posts.







Emily is also by Heather Maciak of Canada but she is made of Vinyl and is an addition of 900 made for the UFDC National  convention in Washington in  the USA in 2016, another Vinyl girl with black hair was also made in vinyl and available in limited quantities and she’s called Annie.


Emily is around 9 inches tall compared to Jenny and Lexie’s 7 and a half inches.


Emily comes with her sweet little Peg doll, created by  Susan Scogin.


Emily comes wearing the pretty outfit you see her in, a green frilled edged dress and linen apron with hand stitched detail and long pants and sturdy cream boots.


Emily was the second of the Heather Maciak dolls I bought not expecting to find a Lexie as quickly as I did. So like the others she’s stayed safely in her travel bag awaiting some attention.


Here she is meeting Jenny and Lexie .



I see Emily as being maybe a year older than her new friends or she could be Lexie’s older sister , I’ll have to decide which way it is.


I think they will get up to lots of things together in the coming year ! and it looks like Lexie will also need a dress with an apron along with those play clothes.

It would be nice to add Annie to the group but only time and availability will tell.



Come to live in the village. I have admired these dolls for a very long time, I saw them on Dollmum’s blog and they really appealed. I do love small beautifully designed things and especially dolls.

They are made by Heather Maciak in Canada and are in limited editions. So I never thought That I would own let alone two! It was back in the summer that I went searching the internet and came across Jenny, the blonde girl.

She was on a buy it now price, I had a look at her and then went away only to dash back and make the purchase!


She is a Dressy Jenny number 59 of 75 from 2008 and came wearing the beautiful clothes you see her in.


Such a sweet little thing.

Well I was so pleased that I had found one and expected that would be it, when before she’d even arrived in the UK, a pair of Jenny and Lexie came up for sale. Because I had just bought this Jenny I could not stretch to buying both which were on sale as a pair, so had to just sit and watch them.

However much to my surprise they did not sell! They were then put on separately and Jenny was snapped up! But Lexie was still a little pricey, so I just left her in my watching, then I happened to go on the internet and found that she’d been reduced!

So I hit the button and bought Lexie! So surprised that I had managed to buy Jenny’s friend without a long wait!


My Lexie is a Pastel Lexie number 13 of 30 from 2008 and came wearing a pastel blue all in one shorts style set with the blue shoes shown above. At present she is wearing a dress meant for a Hitty doll , so it is a little long and does not quite do up at the back But it allows her to sit with her friend in the doll cupboard until I get the time to make her a dress or some trousers.


Being a lover of red haired dolls, this little one really appeals to me.

I need to find some patterns for them, so that they can both change into play clothes and have fun!


Here are the friends together, looking so happy to finally be able to see and watch everything going on around them.


a closer view



Lexie hides behind Jenny


I can see them having a great time in the coming year getting to know the village and playing.



But for now they’ll go talk to all the other dolls in the big doll cupboard until the small dolls get a home of their own.