Today I received another BJD doll to add to my small group. She’s by Doll Town and I bought her from a good friend.

I love that these dolls have ball joints , so you can pose them in a realistic manner. I am calling this girl Phoebe.


This face sculpt is called Seola, which does have a sad look to it but I do like how this makes her appear when posed differently.


I love her wig, which was made by my friend as was her dress. Which give her that little girl look.


I took Phoebe out into the garden as for once it was dry although quite windy.


Phoebe stayed a while sitting in the window of the folly deep in thought!


Even the breeze did not take her from her thoughts


I wonder what she’s thinking about?


Could be wondering what her new friends and family will be like?


I’m sure she’ll have nothing to worry about, we’re a friendly bunch in this village.


So Phoebe are you going to come inside and meet a few of your new family members?


Come on Phoebe ,it’s always worse thinking about than actually doing it ! Let’s go inside and say hello to the others.







Mum why don’t you give up !
My lips are turning BLUE
I know it’s supposed to be Spring
But the weather’s not with you!

We’ve wandered round this garden
Trying to find a place
That’s just undercover
rain not dripping on my face!

Now I’m on a pile of bricks
the wind is something fierce
My wig will fly off into space
the bitter cold does pierce

So just give up!
Lets go inside and get a cup of tea
No ! that’s not a woodpecker
It’s the knocking of my knees!

My dress it’s BLUE
as are my Shoes
My lips ,my hands, my feet !
I just hope all this is worth that promised treat !

So come on mum just give up!
there is another day tomorrow
I’ll put on a coat, a hat and boots
and thermal underwear, any thing I promise just let me off this chair!




Trying to find a space between showers or heavy downpours to take these photos was a nightmare! We’ve had rain almost constant everyday for a couple of weeks! It’s supposed to be spring but it certainly does not feel like it with the rain and the bitter cold.



I tried a couple of places, trying to keep out the rain.



Balancing on the ledge of the Lych gate was a first try.



It was hard to get a good shot with all the things being stored under the roof waiting to be put back outside once Spring arrives…. properly !



So here’s hoping for some decent warm and dry weather in the very near future.