Well it’s been a while since I have posted on here, so I thought I’d share my last doll of this year.

She arrived on Christmas Eve , so she’s called Merry, because I already have Evelyn in my Schoenhut collection or she would have been called Eve.


Merry is a Miss Dolly Schoenhut, 20 inches tall and with Sleeping eyes. She has her original wig which is a lovely long brown one.


Her face paint is original and perfect which can be rare in these dolls. She came in this very fragile nightdress with an underslip and a union suit.

Today boxing day I removed her outfit and gave it a gentle wash. The underslip appears to have a few  blood stains on it, so is soaking in cold water and salt. I intend to use the under slip and nightdress to make a pattern to replace them because the nightdress is just too fragile and the under slip has blood staining which I don’t think will remove fully.

So tomorrow or Friday she’ll be redressed for daytime , so she can meet her new friends , family and neighbours.


She did very kindly stand for this photo on Christmas eve, with a present I recieved from my very good friend Jenni.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year for 2019