This beautiful Gotz Svenja arrived today.

She does have the most beautiful blue eyes and with her rounded face reminds me of my granddaughter Clara.

She is a gift from a lovely friend, who having bought her only recently decided that she did not like the new leg joints. Knowing I had wanted one of these face sculpts, she very kindly said she was going to send this girl to me as a gift.

Her grandson had taken a shine to the dog on his lead, so he kept the dog, and I got the doll.

My friend would not accept any payment for this valuable doll, and I am the sort of person who is not comfortable taking such a generous gift. Luckily, I have a couple of smaller dolls that she collects, and I will send them to her for her collection.

I am delighted to finally have this girl to join my other Gotz girls and it will stop me having to look for one.

So, feeling very spoilt I’m off to admire Svenja.


I decided they needed a change of clothes and to get their hair let down from the single hank at the front and back ponytail. What a difference it makes! These girls look so much nicer.

I think they look a lot more natural. Now I need to get them some shoes!

Paloma, whose outfit I love, took a few days before I decided she would stay. So only just had her hair taken down from its front hank and ponytail.

I just love her outfit, so she’s still wearing it for a little longer and I decided she should take a turn round the garden in it.

She had a few photos taken at the folly.

This outfit is quite glamourous.

She could be off to a party or even a wedding.

So, she can have a few more days of standing around in her outfit before I change her into something more suitable for everyday wear. Hopefully some shoes will have arrived by then too.


So, I was minding my own business and browsing the internet when I came across a Happy Kidz Gotz doll that I nearly bought once but changed my mind. She was on auction and was actually being started at her original selling price, a rare thing for a boxed and unopened doll.

Emilia. She is a face sculpt I have always been unsure about; did I like her or not! So, I placed a bit and then had to wait.

Of course, then things went on a slippery slope rapidly! I happen to go onto the Gotz doll group on FB and saw a gorgeous Hannah doll with black hair. She’d been dressed in a lilac outfit and looked gorgeous.

Yes, you have guessed it I went off to see if I could find one. Naturally I did and being sold for a fair price!

I did think about if for a while and then caved and bought her.

So she arrived and I was still waiting to win Emilia.

Then I just happened to see a Happy kidz Gotz’s Noelle !

She was the same face sculpt as Emilia and gorgeous! I was still awaiting the results of my bid on Emilia and Noelle was a buy it now…what to do!

Yes, you have guessed it, I bought Noelle.

Now Emilia was still waiting for her auction to end and maybe someone would come along and outbid me, I went to check on her thinking well if I don’t get her not an issue as I now have Noelle. But when I looked at Emilia I thought, no I want her too!

And of course, you have seen her above, so I did win her. So, three dolls in just over a week! After not buying any new Gotz dolls for a good year or more.

But this was not the end! No? No! The doll website My Doll Best Friend, have a 250 limited-edition doll made by Gotz for them each year called Chosen and when I was looking on the FB group, I saw that there was a draw open to buy the latest Chosen doll. She looked very pretty and was wearing a beautiful outfit, so I entered the draw. Thinking that the doll wasn’t due until next month and that I’d not stand a chance of getting my name being pulled.

Yes, that’s right! (You are very good at this guessing game) Not only was my name pulled out, but the doll was in their warehouse ready to go! So today she arrived

Her name is Paloma and she arrived today.

Her outfit is beautiful.

So, four dolls in just over two weeks! But there is possibility of a fifth!!! But more about that if it happens.

Now they need to be removed from their boxes and redressed, although I may leave Paloma in her beautiful outfit a little longer.

All the girls together.

A nice new group.


Esme and her friend Lilac the rabbit, are having some alone time in the garden.

She loves all her sisters and cousins but sometimes it’s nice just to sit out in a corner of the garden and chill with a friend sharing some food.

Luckily, they found the picnic table empty so were able to sit there and not have to find some space on the grass, which due to the recent hot dry weather is more brown than green.

Esme brought along a little flask, so that Lilac and she could have a few sips of juice to keep them going.

Soon they are nibbling on cheese and chewing on sausage, while setting their world to rights. There is nothing quite so nice as breaking bread with a good friend.


For a good few years, I have had a few Meileg pieces.

A friend recently also got into them, which set me, of course, also having another look.

This stove is one of the first pieces I bought, and I used it as a ‘toy’ stove for my Sasha dolls.

The pram and the dolls highchair I have also owned for a few years these also work well with the Sasha dolls and also some others of a similar size.

The little teapot which comes with two cups a plate and a packet of biscuits, also been with me a few years. The pushchair and cart also work well with the dolls.

I have to confess although I have owned this, again for a couple of years, this is the first time I have actually taken it fully out the box!

More recently bought items, last year again all can work with the 16 in Sasha dolls, the lamp actually works!

One of the recent purchases is this little flask set that comes in mint or pink. It is quite small but would work with the Sasha but on the small side.

Shown here with Esme who is a 16/17 inch Roche doll, these dolls have large hands so looks tiny but with another smaller handed doll would look more in keeping. But the Vintage cheese and sausage set are a good size for her.

They are known for their mice, rabbits and also now teddies, recently I decided to add one of their teddies to my hug. While looking I came across a set which included all the bear family with the vintage picnic set of cheeses and sausage in a red and white gingham cloth.

Naturally I decided to get the bear family set. I did not realise until it arrived it comes in it’s own case, a nice plus.

So, there is Mummy bear, baby bear and Daddy bear. I have to say that their names came to me and have stuck ever since! So, they are Daddy Morris, Mummy Doris and Baby Boris!

One of the reasons I originally wanted one of their bears because the baby bear has a smart pair of striped Pj’s, which naturally I bought and

this wonderful old fashioned metal bed! Which of course I added!

What’s not to love about this little bear tucked up in his bed!

This little metal side table arrived in mistake for a box of Meileg food! The food is now on it’s way and the seller very kindly said to keep the little table. At first I wondered how I could use it because it is mice sized but then I realised it would make a perfect bedside table!

Now Boris has somewhere to keep his glass of milk and his book.

Boris is going to need a space for his bed and table, so that’s another thing to try and find! But he is so sweet I just have to find him a bedroom.

I am waiting on the missing food and a couple of other pieces which I will share when they arrive, I will also take some photos of everything with various sized dolls for reference.

I must say that the sizes are all over the place, so you need to check before buying anything of you want it for a certain sized doll. It’s because their animals come in lots of sizes.


The Roche dolls are enjoying celebrating the queens 70 years of the throne.

Emily is slicing the bread while also keeping an eye on little Kitty.

The twins, Theo and Robyn are excited to see all the lovely treats available to eat.

Mary is looking forward to a nice cuppa and a piece of cake.

Esme is wondering if she’s picked the right cake to start with or should she have the trifle?

Suzannah has chosen to start with an ice cream sundae

Louisa waits patiently for Mary to pour the tea before she can start eating her slice of cake.


A lovely celebration afternoon tea.


Kitty wishes everyone a Happy Easter and if you don’t celebrate Easter, then a lovely fun filled weekend whatever you are doing.

She’s promising to share the Easter chocolate with her new family.

Theo and Robyn will help her share out the chocolate so they all get some each.

Some very happy children !


She arrived in this wonderful box cushioned by the padded square shown below it.

Inside was the lovely little Roche girl Kitty along with her grey cat and a little wooden doll and story book.

Little Kitty is just 11 inches tall and wearing her original outfit along with her cat and her tag.

She has strawberry blonde curly hair and a lovely knitted outfit.

The little book, doll and padded cushion.

She has a lime wood body with porcelain head and hands. She stands well.

Robyn is taking little Kitty under her wing , she loves that she’s now got a little sister,


The is finally shinning and the day is quite warm! So Theo Roche decided he needed a change of clothing so he did not get too hot!

He searched through his big brothers clothing until he found just what he needed.

He found the red riding hood reading book and snaffled a packet of mixed nuts from the kitchen cupboard and set off to find a cosy spot in the garden.

I hope you are not going to eat all those nuts Theo!

Theo blushes and mutters Maybe !!

Well someone won’t be wanting any tea …..


Emily , my Roche doll, decided to try on a regency outfit belonging to the A girl for all time dolls,

The hat is a little on the large side and the slippers also are slightly big,

But the dress is a lovely fit.

Emily is a big fan of Jane Austen
In fact she is often ” Lost in Austen ”