Edda changed out of her arrival clothing and wanted to go outside into the snow but it was getting dark.

Looking out the window , she insisted it wasn’t that dark yet!

She was convinced that all the snow would have melted by morning, despite me telling her it had not got above minus two all week!

“Please oh please mum ”

Yes I gave in and she went outside for ten minutes which at least stopped her from spending the rest of the evening complaining!

Edda of Edinburgh is a Gotz Happy Kid, limited edition to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II seventy years on the British throne.

This is her in her original outfit, with queenly headscarf and Scottie dog , who we are calling wee Jock. The gingerbread man wreath is not part of her set.


Well it’s snowed here in the south of England, a quite rare event, especially snow that is a few inches deep and still here several days later. That’s been due to the minus 4 to 7 temperatures during the daytime!

But I did finally take a couple of the dolls outside for a couple of snowy photos.

This is Margaret a sweet Kathe Kruse doll, who is always ready for a nice cold or snowy day. Keeping warm in her lovely red wool coat and fir hat and muff.

Margaret was more than happy to spend a little time outside for some photos.

Emily Roche was also happy to get outside as she wanted to pop to the shops and buy a wreath for the dolls.

I see she found a lovely Gingerbread man wreath, the other dolls will love that. Now where to hang it!

I did ask if any of the other dolls wanted to go outside but no one else fancied getting wrapped up enough to keep warm, muxh to busy playing games indoors.


I have been waiting on a dress for one of my Roche dolls, which finally due to all the postal strikes arrived today.

This is Emily, who the dress is for, here she is wearing a dress that will be for her slightly smaller sister Mary.

Before I put the new dress on Emily, I tried it on Suzannah, who is two inches taller than Emily but quite slim.

Here is the same dress on Suzannah, although it looks right, it just needs another inch on the length and a little more on the sleeve length but then it would be perfect.

Finally, it was Emily’s turn and it’s just perfect on her.

Definitely suits her colouring.

So, Mary got back her dress just in time for Christmas.

Mary and Emily now dressed almost but not quite the same.

All the girls sitting together.

All the dolls, from left to right, Esme, Theo, Suzannah, Mary and Emily, Just Theo and Suzannah waiting for a new change of clothes.


This is summer Esme, a doll by Lynne and Michael Roche. Because she is a summer girl, the colours of her clothing are pastel shades of pale lemon and blue.

Here is a full length photo of her, showing her summer dress and shoes again in pale shades.

This is another summer Esme but she’s been dressed in red, a lovely warm colour and strong which helps bring out

the warmth in her. I find that most brunettes tend to sing in strong colours, especially reds and pinks.

Her purple berry coloured beret also suits her colouring. I think this Esme will be searching out those

deeper warmer colours, starting with a pair of shoes!


Today Theo is back with a letter to Father Christmas! He hopes that it will be collected what with all the post strikes happening at the moment!

Mummy told him not to worry as the postmen and women will make sure the post gets through and let’s not forget all the elves!

Theo made sure to use his best writing just like they teach him in school.

So, he’s sending one today and will send another next week just to be sure it reaches the north pole in time!

“Come on Ruff ” he calls turning “v we’d best make tracks it’s starting to get dark, and mummy will worry”

Ruff leads the way.


Today it’s Emily’s turn to ride the sleigh. She’s sensibly covered her legs with a fur blanket and wrapped a wool shawl around her shoulders.

She is having to pull her shopping on a sled behind the sleigh because with her and Ruff there is not much room left for any bargains she’s found.

Looks like she’s started her Christmas shopping early.

Ruff, the dog, is loving al this sleigh riding!

When she arrived home and unload the sled, Theo spotted it tied to the sleigh and nagged Emily to take him for a ride, just like a parcel!

Luckily Theo was wearing a nice thick coat for the few times he forgot and overbalanced and landed up in the snow!

After a good ride round the lanes Emily heads for home and some nice warming hot chocolate. Theo wanted to continue but the mention of some hot chocolate saves the day, so he is happy to agree. Mind you not that Emily would have given in anyway, sometimes small boys need taking in hand.

NB spoiler alert

A look behind the scenes

The dresser and ironing board were commandeered in pursuit of these photos! And since I have another couple of ideas yet to photograph it looks like no ironing will be done for the next few days!


Since it’s not long until we enter the Christmas month of December, I decided to get out the sleigh, reindeer and winter back drop to start taking some Christmas photo’s instead of leaving it to the last minute as usual.

Theo, a 14-inch Roche doll is enjoying riding in the sleigh with his mouse and dog, Ruff.

Theo loves going out in the sleigh.

He is looking forward to taking his friends Christmas presents round to them on Christmas eve.

A sweet lad.

Esme, a 16-inch Roche doll, also takes a ride while waiting for a new mum to claim her. Ruff who loves riding in the sleigh is also staying on for more fun.

Ruff is a bit of a tyke, woofing in excitement urging Esme to go faster much to the annoyance of Rudi the reindeer!

But Esme keeps to a safe trot not wanting to overturn the sleigh just so Ruff can get a trill!

Well, there are still more photos that need to be taken, so I’d best get back to the sleigh!


This is my castle made up of sections that can be purchased from Meileg, it’s meant for their tiny mice, but I will be using it for my smallest teddies.

I have used their kitchen tower, plain tower and two hall boxes, and added the Princess and the Pea set as an extra at the top.

I originally started with just the three roomed tower, believing this would fulfil my castle wishes, a silly thought really for I love the real things, so being able to ‘build’ one over time was bound to happen. I bought the hall box next again in the hope it would then be ‘finished’!

Next, I added or should say tried adding the Meileg castle bag. They are now available in pink, which would match the rest of the castle, but at the time this was the one available, so I added this, which helped but didn’t stop the build

I finally gave in and bought the other tower, which is called the kitchen tower as it comes complete with built in kitchen. I would have preferred not to have a built-in kitchen but both towers have a little built-in balcony on their ‘outside’ walls, so you cannot use the other non-kitchen one, unless you are happy to have a balcony overhanging the centre, plus I knew I wanted to add another box to make the middle taller.

So here we have the castle sections all together with the small Princess and pea on top of the hall. But I wanted the middle taller, so needed another hall box as that was the only thing available to use.

So now this is the castle with another hall box on top of the first and the little Princess box on that. I did in the very beginning before I bought the first section consider making them myself but when you look at the cost of getting everything, the right heavy-duty card, then all the wallpapers etc, then actually getting round to making it. I decided to just buy it piece by piece as that would mean I actually got it and was not sitting here with loads of card and paper and no castle.

If you keep watch, you can buy the pieces at reduced rates from different sellers, just keep checking.

Now I am just waiting on some furniture I bought that seems to be taking the long road to arrive and then I can move the bears into their new home.