Mary and Suzannah have gone into the village to do some Christmas shopping. The check out all the sweet toys in Granny Fortuna’s shop window.

Suzannah points out the little Japanese dolls , she is sure Hannah would love one for her Christmas gift. Mary agrees while checking out the doll cot that she believes would make a nice gift for both little Hannah and Robyn.

They head towards the door.

Someone just leaving has left the door open for them.

There big sister Claudine is working today, she helps out after school and on Saturdays.

Suzannah cannot decide just where to start her shopping, there are so many nice things !

Mary has started at the Christmas card counter, she needs to get some more for her friends and family. Claudine reminds her who she’s missed out !

I think we will leave them to it, it could be a while before they have finished !


Because I needed to use the Father Christmas and Elf outfits on my Sasha dolls, I quickly stripped off the Roche dolls and left them to one side.

It had always been my intention to take a couple of photos of them in their underwear to show the different body shapes.

Hannah on the far left is the chunkiest of the dolls and also the tallest at 21 inches. She can also be a little hard to stand.

Claudine , next beside Hannah , again is quick chunky but a little slimmer than Hannah, although she is almost the same size.

Next should have been Suzannah but she was determined not to stand and I was working against the failing light, so instead we have Mary who is lovely and slim but with the slight tummy of a young girl and stands at 18 inches.

Suzannah , leaning at the back , is the slimmest and stands at 20 inches.

Suzannah finally joined the line up , so you can see her with her sisters.

This one on her own is Sophy who stands at 18 inches and is a toddler and her body is lovely and rounded just like a very young child.


For a photo shoot. I needed a new back drop because the one I had with snow was just too small to take a sleigh and a reindeer of a decent size.

I had to pin it to the curtains either side of the pine dresser , so it covered the dresser and the ‘floor’

went across the dresser base and also my ironing board which was almost the same height, so I could a little depth added.

Once it had been ironed and pinned up I could start taking some photos with the dolls and props.

In this photo Mary and Suzannah are playing elves and taking care of the reindeer.

Claudine is Santa and driving the sleigh while Hannah looks on from the side.

The girls are wearing costumes by a maker on Ebay called Maudie May, she is a wonderful seamstress and very reasonable with her prices.

These dolls are my Roche dolls but the costumes are made for the Sasha or Gotz Happy Kidz dolls but will

fit these dolls well.

Claudine and Hannah are wearing Gotz sized costumes and Mary on the right is wearing a Sasha one.

Even at 5ft wide it only just fits in these dolls with the reindeer and sleigh. I also bought myself a 7ft wide snowy backdrop which I may try out tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these photos. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year


Suzannah, a 20in Roche doll, received a new outfit today, so I was able to put her into this nice warm pinafore and blouse.

I think she looks much more approachable in her new clothes.

I’m loving her more now I’m spending time with her and finding her style.


Today I finally got round to tidying the dolls kitchen. It had been used for storing other items while I tidied elsewhere so the floor was covered along with other places.

Once I’d cleared the floor of items , I also had a small change about and put some things away in the cupboards etc.

I had bought this little kitchen shelf along with the hanging utensils from the US a few years back and a few months ago I finally decided where it could go and had Paul put it up. The rolling pin I already had and it fits perfectly in the holder.

The old Iron I bought at the Chat n Snap looks good on the ironing board, although I may get Paul to make me a bigger one, as it’s not very high of a doll was to stand at it.

I bought a lovely little cheese dish after seeing one on a friends dolls dresser. I also found six butterfly printed mugs, when I was looking for a tin to take to the Chat n Snap , so they are now hanging on the dresser cup hooks.

I also tried the room setting out with two of my Roche dolls, Hannah sitting and Mary standing and they work well in the room.

Small Hannah fits well in the room.

Now Suzannah at 20 inches looks a little big depending on where she’s standing unlike Mary , who at 18 inches looks fine.

She doesn’t look to bad doing the washing up !

Or over at the dresser while talking to Mary.

The kitchen table looks a bit little for these girls, especially Suzannah , but I have a taller table I could swap when needed, although I just love this table in the kitchen. I wish I could remember who I bought it from , I’d ask them to make me a taller longer one. I may try and find who did make it !

Well I hope you have enjoyed this look round the doll kitchen, as you can see it’s an eclectic mix of pieces that you would have found in houses of old. No fitted kitchens in this dolls world.


Elora a woodland elf has left the woods to come into the village to sell some Halloween treats.

She sets up her wears in a place she cannot be missed .

Her bags of Halloween cakes don’t look to creepy but I’m not sure her customers will appreciate the woodland creatures sitting on her person !

But despite her creepy crawly friends she does start to sell her goodies, which makes her very happy !


Suzannah decided to take her little sister Robyn out to buy some Halloween treats.

It did not take them long to find some nice spooky cakes being sold by Elora a Woodland Elf.

Robyn cannot decide which packet of cakes she wants.

Suzannah takes a seat and tells Robyn to sit on the toadstool.

Robyn gets her treats and tries to work out the best way to sit on a toadstool !

But soon Robyn is sitting happily watching all the other shoppers looking at the Halloween goodies. But it’s not long before Suzannah gets up and says it’s time to head off home.


Now it’s getting cooler, I gathered all the Roche dolls together and brought them inside to spend the winter in the living room.

There was a little chopping and changing until everyone was happy with their places, although I am sure there will be more moving about, clothes changing and goodness knows what of the coming months.