Freddy is a Lynne and Michael Roche doll , 17 inches tall and with a full wooden body and the usual porcelain head and hands.

He is wearing his original clothing but not wig. His seller said the wig had gone vey brittle and so she replaced it.

I will look to see if I can find a better fitting wig for him, he does also have an issue with his neck, in that his head does not move. So I will see if that’s fixable.

I always like to add at least one boy, if available , to any doll collection/group I own. Sometime I cannot if no boy available or the boys just don not appeal.

Lynne and Michael do not have many boys in their collection but they are all nice looking. Freddy here reminds me of the older style antique dolls that Lynne Roche used to make reproductions of in her early days before deciding to make her own designs.

I think he’s got that toddler . young child look to him. Still with that little chubby cheeked look and peaches and cream skin.

So Freddy is the last for a while to join the Roche family of dolls, but you never know just who may come along so never say never .


Well continueing with my Lynne and Michael Roche doll collection, Hannah arrived today.

She is 20 inches with a porcelain head and hands with a full lime wood body.

She is wearing her original clothes and has beautiful red hair and pale blue eyes.

So just one more on the way and then no more unless I fall in love with her .


Today I received my newest Lynne and Michael Roche doll, Susannah.

I loved the look of this girl as soon as I saw her. She is 20 inches with the full Lime wood body.

She is wearing a lovely outfit with a small bag.

slightly closer view.

She is wearing lovely deep blue boots and long cream socks.

Lovely long wavy strawberry blonde hair.

So my collcetion of Lynne and Michael Roche dolls is increasing slowly.


One of my favourite dolls is Clementine from the A Girl For All Time range. She is dressed when you buy her in an outfit from the 1940’s. A time I have always considered to be one of beautiful fashion and style , where anyone rich or poor would look smart and stylish in the clothes of the time.

So Clemmie has mainly stayed in her !940’s outfit with only the occasional adding of a rust coloured jacket. But a couple of weeks back I purchased a beautifu linen outfit in the 1920’s style, another great clothes era.

It could only be for Clemmie, who I think looks lovely in it.

It is beautifully made by Angie of Gwendollys on Etsy. So it appears , Clemmie will be a 1920’s lass for the Spring and Summer and she can return to her beloved 1940’s in the Autumn.


I just had to have aplay with the new shop front even though its not quite ready.

The two big roche dolls are having tea.

Looks like they are having a good old catch up.

Looking through the doorway

I think it will work well


Today another doll by Lynne and Michael Roche arrived . Her name is Mary and she is one of their dolls that has a Porcelain head and hands and the rest of her is on a lime wood body.

She is 18 inches tall and looks much bigger than her sister Emily who is on a porcelain body with wooden ball joints, Emily is only 16 inches but even so looks so much more delicate than her new sister.

One of the things I loved about this doll was her pretty red based outfit. She is from the winter range and is dressed to keep warm with corderoy mittens and hat , lined in the dress fabric which is a lovely bright cheery floral in a brushed cotton.

She also wears a knitted wool waistcoat for added warmth.

Her wig is made with real hair in a dark brown and is lovely and soft, her eyes are blue glass . She is number 37/200 made in 1989.

I beleive she should come with a small bear but that’s been lost over the years, but there are plenty here for her to choose from.

I have a couple more of these dolls arriving over the next few weeks, I am really looking forward to seeing the group together once they are all here.


Those who read this blog may remember me saying how I would like a group of my A Girl For All Time dolls to be dressed for the Regency period.

Like with most of my plans, the making of their clothes is still on hold, however I did come across a wonderful outfit on a shop on Etsy this week and so was straight in to purchase it .

The lovely Regency outfit arrived Friday and today I had a chance to change one of the girls into it and take some photos.

I am so pleased with it and it is beautifully made.

I have the patterns to make this exact outfit , its just like everything else , making the commitment and starting !

I’m going to leave this girl where I can see her and hope it reminds me to get on and make outfits for my other girls

so that Mr Darcy may finally come a calling….


Emily and Polly are spending the afternoon quietly sitting in the living room.

Polly is playing with her doll .

While Emily is trying to decide which dress she wants to make herself and then which colour fabric should she have ? Red , Blue ? Floral or plain ? so much to decide !



If you follow this blog who will know my latest passion is for the doll made by the artists Lynne and Michael Roche. The dolls come in several forms. Those with cloth bodies, porcelain hands/arms and heads, those with porcelain head, arms, hands and also bodies that have wooden ball joints and then finally those with all wooden bodies along with porcelain hands and heads.

I have this photo in the catalogue for the 1993 dolls , which shows several of the same couple of dolls but in various sizes. At present I have a couple of the dolls with the porcelain bodies with the wooden ball joints but I do have on the way to me another couple who are full wooden bodied.

I am looking forward to see how posible the dolls are and will share my findings once she’s arrived and I have had a play with her. It will also be interesting to compare this more ‘modern’ wooden body to the much older Schoenhut doll body.