Eloi and Zelie arrived today and both are dressed perfectly for the weather… sunshine and showers !

Eloi is dressed for the summer, ready for any adventures that may come his way.

He carries his rucksack to hold any treasures he may find and also a sandwich and drink to keep up his energy for his travels.

A closer up of his handsome face,

Zelie is ready for the colder winds and rain that keep crossing the UK at the moment. She remembers that ols saying ” Cast nar a clout till May is out ! “

So she’s keeping on her woolie tights and warm boots until the month is over !

But she will remove her hat if the weather warms up a bit!

A closer look at her sweet face.

A look at her sweet curls.

Zelie is hoping she’ll be able to change if the sun continues to shine but she’s taking no chances until June arrrives !