Well it is the middle of winter ! Around the United Kingdom snow has been falling on and off over the last week.

Last Sunday we had a couple of inches but it was as good as gone by Tuesday. Today there was a threat of snow but it came to nothing here in North Herts. This part of the UK is lucky in that we don’t very often get the really bad weather especially the snow. The whole of the country has to be really really bad for it to actually be bad here.

But it has been very very cold here especially once any sun goes in.

So cold that cousin Ronnie decided to use his big brother’s balaclava under his own hat !

Even the bowl with water for the birds still had ice inside! But you don’t keep that warm if your hat is really too big !

So Ronnie decided to go back and try again !

That’s better Ronnie, a hat that fits and a nice big scarf !

Goodness! It must be cold sitting on that wall! Best get up Ronnie !

I think it’s time to go inside and warm up with some hot chocolate and a good film , are you coming?


Well it seems that Norrie changed at just the right time, into her nice new warm clothes because today it decided to snow and not just a little but enough to cover the ground.

Mum It’s quite cold out here! Even with my new clothes!

” Mmm maybe I need a coat ? and maybe a Hat? and some mittens and a scarf ! Oh and a matching bag… “

Norrie is still adding to the list as she returns indoors ! I had best look at what wool I have for all these items she appears to now need!


So they say! Which is why I finally changed Nordika into another warmer outfit. Now she’s ready to meet whatever storm Christophe decides to send our way !

She’s now in a nice warm fleece and cropped trousers over her thick black tights.

Norrie , a Zwergnase girl, from the 2021 collection does have such beautiful wavy hair. I do find it hard to resist a wavy/curly haired doll. Must stem from having such fine straight hair myself ! but show me a curly headed doll and I’m halfway to buying her…

Luckily most of the other Zwergnase girls are already in nice warm clothing but I’ll need to check on those that may need some additional clothing to keep them warm while storm Christophe rides through…


Happy New Year. So it’s now 2021 and a whole year is before us!

Time for us to make plans and dream. Okay some of those plans will fall by the wayside but the odd one of two will happen as for the dreams , that will depend on just what you are dreaming for or about !

But personally I feel that a life without a few plans and dreams would be very boring!

Since this blog is actually called Dolly Dreaming it’s the perfect place to dream about those dolls we would love to add to our homes.

This week I received one of the A Girl For All Time dolls I preordered last year. She had been held up in Folkestone due to the amount of products coming into the country and that causing a backlog.

But she’s arrived and so makes a lovely start to the new year on the doll front.

Her name is Elinor and she is an Elizabethan girl. If you don’t know these dolls, they are produced by the small UK company A Girl For All Time. Each doll forms part of a family tree starting with The Tudors and working down to the 60’s with Sam.

A closer view of the pretty Elinor, I’m loving her delicate pale face. The lace ruff at her neck is lovely the only thing I think that would have made her a ten plus would have been the addition of a small hat ! I can see just the perfect style .

she does have lovely long red wavy hair, so for some reason I didn’t realise it would be longer than shoulder length but why I don’t know.

She’s found herself a nice cushion to sit on while she awaits some attention and to meet the other AGFAT in the family.

I have a few more of this family of dolls that will arrive over the next few months. I will share them when they arrive.

Wishing you all a happy healthy year ahead